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Three Treasures Clinic

Traditional Chinese Medicine

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My practice consists of the following modalities:

Acupuncture and Oriental Bodywork
Traditional Chinese Herbal Prescriptions
Oriental Diet and Exercise Therapies

My clinic is located at: To make an appointment:
Three Treasures Clinic
670 W. Campbell, Suite 140
Richardson, Texas 

Dr. Curtis Merida, DOM(NM)
Three Treasures Clinic
Phone: (214) 334-5711
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A little about myself:

My name is Dr. Curtis Merida. I am a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine (NM), and a nationally (NCCAOM) and Texas (TSBME) licensed acupuncturist. I began my study of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) in 1992 at the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Santa FE, NM and graduated in 1995 receiving a Master's degree in Oriental Medicine. 

I lived in China for 12 months in 1995 where I continued my studies. Now I have a clinic in Richardson, Texas where I focus my complete attention on ONE patient at a time! Traditional Chinese medicine recognizes that everyone need be assessed according to their own individual uniqueness and specific life circumstances and that treatments must be carefully designed keeping in mind both physical and emotional changes during the course of treatment. 

Image of Traditional Chinese Medicine books and tools.Traditional Chinese medicine is quite rational and scientific with a remarkable history (at least 2,000 years) of detailed efficacious clinical results. From my initial study of the theory and clinical practice of TCM until now it has been my passion to dedicate my time and energy to researching and applying my best understanding and experience to those who need my help.   

I treat internal diseases and musculo-skeletal problems. In fact the WHO (World Health Organization) has a comprehensive list of the MANY health problems acupuncture is useful in treating. Of course acupuncture seems to be best known for its treatment of pain, both acute and chronic.  

I will always do my best to answer any questions you might have. Consultations are free and my fees are respectable with due consideration to people's ability to pay. 

Please take the time to e-mail me or call for a free consultation or appointment!

Email: curtispeace@juno.com